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UX Design Services

Achieving business goals & solving user needs


Organize priorities, set goals and determine how success (and failure) will be measured for your product.

UX Questionnaire Business Model Canvas


Investigate how users use your product and learn what they need, want and experience.

Competitor Analysis Analytics Content Audit Content Inventory Personas Scenarios User Testing Field Visits Information Architecture Project Assessment Strategy Workshops


Design the solution, look & feel, functionality, and detail specifications for how the UX will perform.

Sketches Wireframes Prototyping Visual Design


Continuously validate the design by testing & reviewing results of sketches, wireframes, mockups & the live site.

User Testing Tracking & Analytics

Portfolio Samples

Some of my work

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UX Questionnaire thumbnail


Help identify clear goals & understand what we’re designing and why.

Persona Thumbnail


An invented person used to explain user needs, goals, frustrations & desires.

Wireframes thumbnail


B & W schematics focusing on: content, layout, navigation and functionality.

Prototype thumbnail


Semi-functional models that help in testing how a product will work & feel.

Documents thumbnail


Captured UI details: user actions, visual, auditory & other interactions.

User Testing thumbnail

User Testing

Observe users; what they do, where they succeed, & where they have difficulties.

User Testing thumbnail


Creating & promoting the brand name of a corporate entity to gain users trust.

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Visual Design

Implementing images, colors, fonts, and shapes to enhance usability.

About Me

Aspiring for Excellent User Experience

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Joy Dey

Sr. UX/UI Designer

I am a designer with an artistic background who has fun creating solutions for challenging problems. I empathize with users to better understand how to solve their problems in order to help organizations grow.

I love experiencing well thought out and useful design. Here are a few of my personal favorites: Panda Chrome Extension, Evernote, Thumbtack and more... Exploring different products motivates me to think outside the box and push the envelope within my own designs.

When I am not glued to some form of technology, I enjoy spending time with family and friends. We spend countless hours building with legos, painting and blowing bubbles.

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